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What's up? It's Jess


 ready to capture the moments you'll never want to forget
Chicago-based but always on the move


WhyI Love
What I  Do

Honestly, it's being able to make art of something so raw. so authentic, It's the freedom of expressing my creativity. It's being able to tell the same message from an entirely different perspective. 

Every time I look at a photo, its more than just a visual. It becomes sentimental because of the emotion it sparks. It becomes something you cherish. It is truly a blessing to be able to give that same experience to my clients. 


chasin' sunsets
       & chuckin' up peace signs 

five facts

I am a dog mom to an Aussie mix named Quintin. He is my entire world.

If there was once place I could travel to tomorrow it would be Africa. I would do a lot of things to go on a wildlife safari. 

Reality shows or home improvement is what you'll find on my tv. I live for the drama as long as I am not involved. 

Mac & cheese is and will forever be my favorite food. It brings me comfort

I've had my best friends for 12 years and counting. We met our freshman year of high school and have been 
inseparable ever since. 


may this be the beginning of a beautiful  friendship 

reach out

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