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lets get lost together


I'll start by saying... f*ck what the wedding industry thinks of elopements. They are my absolute FAVORITE It is difficult to put into words how raw and genuine the entire day is.

It's all done your way- from start to finish. And it all starts here. Explore more below to find which style fits you.


City Elopement 


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Going to the chapel... and we're... gonna get maaa-arried!!! Yeah I know, it's 2023, traditional is out, doing shit your way is in. That's the point, duh. I'll be there keep you company and capture that first kiss! After you two tie the knot, let me be your plus one to roam the city and hit all your favorite spots in celebration! That song still bumps by the way.  


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When I said I was along for the ride- I meant it. Whether it's hiking a mountain in Arizona, or flying half way across the globe, I am down to capture the best day of your life, no matter where it is. After I get the scoop on how you fell in love, we'll create a timeline together, mapping out every aspect of your adventure wedding. It will be a day to remember for sure. 

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